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  • You can set a screen lock (e.g., PIN) for your Alcatel A30. The PIN will be required to unlock the tablet from standby mode.

    The Device Protection feature is automatically enabled if you have both a Google account and a screen lock on your Alcatel A30. Device Protection helps to protect your tablet from being used if it's lost or stolen. Even if your Alcatel A30 is erased, your Google account password will be required before anyone can use it.
  • 1. Touch Apps.
  • 2. Scroll to and touch Settings.
  • 3. Touch Security.
  • 4. Touch Screen lock.
  • 5. Touch the desired option, e.g., PIN.
  • 6. Enter a PIN.
  • 7. Touch CONTINUE.
  • 8. Re-enter your PIN to confirm it.
  • 9. Touch OK.
  • 10. Touch the desired notification option, then touch DONE.
  • 11. The screen lock (PIN) has been set.