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  • With the Copy My Data app, you can transfer contacts, calendar entries, photos and videos from an Android device to your Apple iPad Mini 2.

    To begin, you will need to download the app on both devices; it is available in the App Store and Google Play. Also, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (a home network is best; the transfer might not work on corporate or public networks).
  • 1. On the Apple iPad Mini 2, touch Copy My Data.
  • 2. The app will ask for some permissions. Touch OK for each (contacts, calendar, reminders, photos).
    You must select OK, otherwise the app won╩╝t be able to transfer content to your iPad.
  • 3. Touch Next.
  • 4. Touch To or From Another Device Over WiFi. Please note: both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    Alternatively, you can select Backup or Restore from Google Drive to download data from Google Drive.
  • 5. On the Android device, touch Apps.
  • 6. Scroll to and touch Copy My Data.
  • 7. Touch Next.
  • 8. On the Apple iPad Mini 2, the Android device will show up in a list of devices. Touch the name of the Android device.
  • 9. Touch Copy data from selected device.
  • 10. Touch the text input area.
  • 11. Enter the PIN shown on the Android device.
  • 12. Touch Next.
  • 13. On the Android device, select the items you want to transfer.
  • 14. Touch Next.
  • 15. Wait while the items are transferred.
  • 16. When the transfer is complete, a summary will appear on both devices. Press the Home button to exit.