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  • You can use iTunes to back up your Apple iPhone 4 and restore a previous backup.
    Note: Restoring from backup is different from performing a full software restore. Restoring from backup restores the settings, data and other information saved in a previous backup. Performing a full software restore will delete the contents of your device and restore it to the original factory settings.
    In this example, we use iTunes 10.7.
  • 1. Connect the Apple iPhone 4 to the computer. On the computer, open iTunes and right-click on the phone's name.
  • 2. Click Back Up.
  • 3. Wait while iTunes backs up the Apple iPhone 4.
  • 4. The back up has finished.
  • 5. To restore a previous backup, right-click on the phone's name.
  • 6. Select Restore from Backup.
    Note: iTunes will not offer this option if no backups have been performed.
  • 7. Use the drop-down menu to select a backup, then select Restore.
  • 8. Wait while the backup is restored.
  • 9. Click OK.
  • 10. Wait while the Apple iPhone 4 is synced.
  • 11. The restoration is complete and the Apple iPhone 4 can be disconnected from the computer.