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  • If your workplace allows it, you can sync your BlackBerry® smartphone with your work contacts, calendar and email.
  • 1. Scroll to and select All.
  • 2. Scroll to and select Setup.
  • 3. Scroll to and select Email Accounts.
  • 4. Wait while your BlackBerry smartphone connects.
  • 5. Scroll to and select Other.
  • 6. Enter the email address.
  • 7. Scroll to Password.
  • 8. Enter the password.
  • 9. Scroll to and select Continue.
  • 10. Wait while your BlackBerry smartphone processes your information.
  • 11. The email account has been added.
    To add another one, select Set up another email account. To exit, select Return to Setup.
  • Due to different corporate network infrastructures, your Exchange setup might be a little different. If you encounter any issues, please contact your corporate IT department.