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  • Tethering lets you share the Internet connection on your BlackBerry® Curve 9300 with a computer. Please note that you'll be using data from your mobile network.
    In this example, we use BlackBerry Desktop Software However, we recommend that you use the latest version available.
  • 1. Connect your BlackBerry to the computer using the USB cable. BlackBerry Desktop Software should start automatically; if it doesn't, launch the program manually.
  • 2. Click Tools.
  • 3. Click Mobile Internet settings.
  • 4. Click Profile.
  • 5. Select Mobility or Mobility CDMA from the list of available profiles.
  • 6. Click OK.
  • 7. Click Tools.
  • 8. Click Start Mobile Internet.
  • 9. Click Connect.
  • 10. Once connected, you can see the duration of the tethered Internet connection, along with the amount of data transferred.
  • 11. A Windows notification will also appear to inform you of the connection speed.
  • 12. Once tethering has been set up, you can quickly connect and disconnect by clicking the Mobile Internet indicator.