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  • Fingerprint Unlock is a security feature that uses fingerprint recognition technology. It lets you unlock the Huawei P10 using the fingerprint sensor located on the back of the phone.
  • 1. Swipe left.
  • 2. Touch Settings.
  • 3. Scroll to and touch Fingerprint ID.
  • 4. To access these features and in case there are issues with fingerprint unlocking, you will need to create a PIN or password. Touch the desired option (e.g., PIN).

    Note: If you have already set one up, you will only be prompted to confirm your PIN or password.
  • 5. Enter a PIN.
  • 6. Touch CONTINUE.
  • 7. Re-enter the PIN to confirm it.
  • 8. Touch OK.
  • 9. Touch New fingerprint.
  • 10. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor to start the scanning process.
  • 11. Place and lift your finger on the fingerprint sensor repeatedly to build up the pattern.
  • 12. Touch OK.
  • 13. Fingerprint Unlock has been set up.
  • 14. To unlock the Huawei P10 from standby mode, just place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and it will unlock.

    Note: You will have a maximum of five attempts to unlock the Huawei P10 using your registered fingerprint before being asked for your backup pattern/PIN/password.