• There are several different ways to get the My Account app.

    Note: In these examples we have used an Android phone but the process will be similar on Apple (iOS), BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.
  • Download from the app store:
    1. Visit your device app store and search for My Account, then pick the My Account app.
  • 2. Tap INSTALL.
  • 3. Once installed the app will be added to the phones main app list.
  • Using the mobile browser:
    1. Start the mobile browser on your phone.
  • 2. Enter myaccount.virginmobile.ca/mobile on the mobile browser.
  • 3. Sign in with your Virgin Mobile # or username and password and tap Log in.
  • Heads up! When prompted, log in to the app with your Virgin Mobile # or username and password. Youʼll need to log in if your mobile data is turned off or if youʼre doing things like changing your features or saving a credit card to make payments.