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  • Register for My Account so you can manage your add-on features, manage your buddies or save a credit card for easy payment. Log into My Account on your computer and you can view present and past bills, change your plan and upgrade your phone when eligible.
  • 1. Launch the My Account app. If you have your mobile data turned on, youʼll land on the overview page. Tap the log in button. Once you are on the log in screen, tap the Register button. If you have your mobile data turned off, youʼll land on the log in screen and all you have to do is tap the Register button.
  • 2. Enter your account number or 10-digit Virgin Mobile number and tap Continue.
    You can find your account number at the top right corner of your paper bill or on your service agreement. It is also in all of your e-Bill notifications.
  • 3. Enter your last name and postal code and tap Continue.
  • 4. Enter your first name, last name, email address (and confirm your email address).
  • 5. E-bill is selected by default. Enter a username for the account and tap Check availability to ensure the username is unique.
  • 6. Enter a password in the Password and Re-type your password fields.
    Ensure the new password contains at least 8 characters and includes 1 number.
  • 7. Tap the Security Question 1 drop down box to pick a question.
  • 8. Pick a security question.
  • 9. Enter the answer to the security question.
  • 10. Do the same for Security Question 2 and Security Question 3, then tap Continue.
  • 11. Read the first part of the review. Change any of the information by tapping Edit next to the required section, then swipe down to read the rest of the review.
  • 12. Tap Submit.
  • 13. Youʼre done! Now you can manage your account. A confirmation email is on its way. Tap the Continue to My Account button.
  • 14. You are now in the overview screen of the registered account.
  • 15. The overview screen is where you'll land when you launch the app.