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  • When new versions are available, you can update the software on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for extra features and better performance. Here, we show you how to update the phone using a computer with Samsung Kies 3 v3.2.15013_17.
  • 1. On the computer, launch Samsung Kies. Connect the phone to the computer.
  • 2. Samsung Kies will automatically check for updates.
  • 3. You'll be prompted if an update is available. Click Next.
  • 4. Click Update.
  • 5. Preparing software update process will now begin.
  • 6. Prepairing software components will appear briefly.
    Note: do not disconnect the cable.
  • 7. The software will be downloaded to the computer.
  • 8. Disconnect and reconnect the cable, click OK.
  • 9. Disconnect the cable. Restart the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and reconnect the cable, then click OK.
  • 10. The software will be installed on the phone.
  • 11. The update is complete.