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  • With the Samsung Smart Switch™ Mobile app, you can transfer a variety of content from an Android, iOS or BlackBerry device to your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Types of content include: contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more. Smart Switch Mobile can be downloaded from Galaxy Apps and Google Play Store.

    The steps will differ depending on the devices you are using and whether you're performing a wired or wireless transfer. Here, we show you how to transfer content wirelessly from another Android device.
  • 1. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, touch Apps.
  • 2. Touch Settings.
  • 3. Scroll to and touch Cloud and accounts.
  • 4. Touch Smart Switch.
  • 5. Touch START.
  • 6. Touch AGREE.
  • 7. Touch WIRELESS.
  • 8. Touch RECEIVE.
  • 9. Touch the old device type.
    In this example, weʼve selected Android.
  • 10. On the old device, open the Smart Switch app, select WIRELESS transfer and select SEND.
  • 11. Place the devices close to each other so they can connect.
  • 12. The devices are now connected.
  • 13. On the old device, select the data to transfer (e.g., Contacts) and touch SEND.
  • 14. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, touch RECEIVE.
  • 15. Wait for the content to transfer.
  • 16. The transfer has been completed.
  • For wireless transfers from Android or BlackBerry to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you must install Smart Switch Mobile on both devices. For wired transfers using a USB OTG cable, or for transfers from an iOS device, you only need to install Smart Switch Mobile on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.