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  • If youʼre having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S8 or if certain parts arenʼt working as expected, you can test the phone hardware using the Samsung Members app. There are tests for the battery, sensors, mic, speaker and much more.

    The Samsung Members app also has a variety of information so that you can learn about your phone and get help from Samsung.
  • 1. Swipe up to view Apps.
  • 2. Touch Samsung.
  • 3. Touch Samsung Members.
  • 4. Touch NEXT.
  • 5. Touch NEXT.
  • 6. Touch I have read and I agree to all of the above.
  • 7. Touch NEXT.
  • 8. Touch DIAGNOSTICS.
  • 9. Touch Test hardware.
  • 10. Touch the desired option, e.g., Vibration.
  • 11. Touch VIBRATION.
  • 12. Wait while the selected hardware is tested.
  • 13. Touch the desired option, e.g., YES.
  • 14. The test results will be displayed.