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  • Intelligent Scan is a security feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9 that combines face recognition and iris scanning. It lets you unlock your phone and verify yourself in apps by holding your phone to your face. If you wish, you can disable the unlocking feature or disable Intelligent Scan altogether.
  • 1. Swipe up or down to view Apps.
  • 2. Touch Settings.
  • 3. Scroll to and touch Lock screen and security.
  • 4. Touch Intelligent Scan.
  • 5. Enter your PIN/password/pattern and touch NEXT.
  • 6. To turn off Intelligent Scan unlock, touch the Intelligent Scan unlock slider.
    To disable Intelligent Scan completely and remove its data, touch Remove face and iris data.
  • 7. Touch REMOVE.
  • 8. Intelligent Scan has been disabled.